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Why Businesses Need YouTube SEO?


You know that Google is ranked 1 Search Engine in the world, but did you know that YouTube is ranked 2 among search engines? Being discoverable over YouTube is a necessity to reach the highest objectives in terms of outreach, audience, revenue and marketing.

A picture might say a thousand words but videos will say a million more. Thus, it is no wonder that an increasing number of business establishments are turning their heads towards YouTube marketing services as the novel way of driving sales.

YouTube SEO is more than a catchword; it is a way of optimizing content in order to increase organic search results. Without the right kind of SEO, the best video content in the world does not reach the target audience it was intended for.

At Chirpin, we know SEO inside and out, and we know enough to get results in the right manner. No clickbait, no Black Hat, just honest, organic SEO video marketing services and YouTube optimization that brings the organic results required to grow a channel. With Chirpin, you have an experienced video marketing agency at your beck and call, ready to help your channel get the viewership it truly deserves.


It is well known that simply uploading a YouTube video and hoping for the best isn’t going to get you the results you are looking for. Therefore, it is important to have a YouTube marketing agency, with a professional team of SEO experts, who have a deep understanding of video marketing, YouTube SEO and how to promote your YouTube channel.

The best videos are the videos that everyone remembers? SEO for video is a specialized branch of Search engine optimization which applies specifically to the second largest search engine in the world – YouTube! Google – the largest search engine – is the owner of YouTube. So, having video SEO for your content does make a lot of sense and makes a big difference in your hits, viewership, and even in the number of subscribers. If you are monetizing on your content, or just exhibiting your business, products, or services, then an experienced White Hat video optimizer will not only help your numbers but make video an integral part of your brand.

Video SEO is important for rising businesses who intend to get the most out of SEO. Video content is more captivating and is known to have a higher conversion rate as well. It is thus imperative to have a video SEO Expert by your side.


How do we Leverage YouTube, the Second Largest Search Engine?

Everyone holds a passion. People venture into business for themselves to bring that passion to life, and we are no different. SEO is an art and a science, and something that we live and breathe every day. We have a passion for SEO and marketing. When you do what you love, we help you by doing what we truly love – and we want everyone to know about what you are doing. We study, experiment, and find ways to use precisely targeted YouTube services to reach out to the world with your content.


We’ll optimize your videos by implementing video schema, to ensure that your videos are indexed and are visible in the search engines. As a top SEO agency in Delhi, we understand the differences between SEO and video SEO and leverage the expertise of our YouTube SEO experts to deliver the best results for our clients.

The Step-by-Step approach

There is no magic wand that can work in seconds. Rather, there are steps that we’ll take with you to reach your goals. We’ll help you in defining your audience and then discovering what keywords they’re likely to use when they search. We’ll look at your competition to find out what they’re doing to reach their target audience – and we’ll look at what they’re missing out on and how they might be missing slices of demographics that you can pick up on. Experienced analysis, passionate attention to the detail of SEO means that your content will be better positioned against others to gain viewership that you deserve.

Step 1: Search for the Right Keywords

We spend a lot of time and conduct thorough research of which are the right keywords to be used on various platforms to drive in better results on videos.

Step 2: Optimizing the Videos Created

We gear up your videos using our expertise in video optimization techniques. This ensures that your videos do not lose the flavour and yet attract more audience towards it.

Step 3: Getting the Videos Ranked

Creation and distribution of videos are just not enough. We keep a check on their performance to assure that they rank highly on every platform.

Step 4: Strategies for Video Promotion

This is the most crucial one of all the steps. Our video marketing services experts will help promote your videos on YouTube and all other relevant channels.

Why Chirpin is the right choice for you?

Our team of specialists provides you service for YouTube Optimization. We will set up the YouTube account for you, edit your videos as per the requirements and post them to your YouTube account. Our experts incorporate and produce the best keywords related to that video to ensure it gets ranked at the top of YouTube.

The key to YouTube Optimization is providing the appropriate backlinks in your description to generate more traffic to that website. What is called “meta-tagging” and “geo-tagging” are also extremely important? Our team of specialists will deliver these results the way you want them to be.

We are the right choice for you because we offer something unique and tailor-made for your business.

Actionable Insights

We assess all of your videos and channels thoroughly. It reveals what content is to be optimized and especially the areas of opportunity for each video in multiple fields e.g.: tags, titles, playlists, cards, thumbnails, end-screens.

Scalable Optimizations

Based on our analysis, we will know what actions are needed for being at the top of your Video SEO ranking. Our expert team will act on the thousands of actions needed through our proprietary technology, it will help to bring your YouTube channel at the best Video SEO performance in a scalable and fast way.

Expert Approach

Based on a data-driven approach and a deep knowledge of the platform from the whole team, our company is at the forefront of Audience Growth and Video SEO for YouTube.

Various Styles of Video

Not only do we handle your video SEO for you, but we can also provide video production in an assortment of ways, from whiteboard videos to animated slideshows, to spokesperson videos, we got everything.

Our Video Services

Video Optimization: Optimize your current videos and your video channel. Our YouTube SEO services will put your content always on the fast track! A simple game plan with brilliant execution can go a long way.

Video Promotion: Promote your Videos though advertising on Facebook or YouTube. Whether you want to promote your YouTube video on Facebook, on YouTube, or with a Facebook video, we exactly know how to reach your target niche.

Video SEO Audit: Receive an audit of your channel and/or videos periodically. Let us take a look at how your content currently stacks up to industry’s best practices. We will help you see how you compare with the biggest competitors in your niche.

Video Consulting: Get assistance on how to improve your channel or videos. We’ve helped dozens of companies improve their strategy and improve their channel just by simple consultations and recommendations.

Video Production: Do you need more videos produced for your brand or company by experts? We can produce high-quality videos for your marketing efforts and your website.

Video Planning: We can help with conceptualization and designing your channel and videos. A little planning can go a long way in boosting your viewers, subscribers, or increasing engagement with your brand.


Effective Video Optimization

A video that is not fully optimized doesn’t carry much worth in the eyes of a search engine. Google cannot tell what your video is actually about without some specific assistance. It won’t really matter how aesthetic your camera shots are, how touching the soundtrack is, or how perfect the sales pitch is – without the proper optimization, the world will never reach your masterpiece.

We can make sure that your videos are always uploaded with the requisite data so your target audience will be able to find it, and you can start to build an audience of loyal subscribers and increase your conversion rate.

A lot of the views that people get on YouTube come from the initial burst of views from their current subscribers. If you don’t have hundreds of thousands of subscribers or don’t have connections with major social media personalities, those first few views might become the extent of your video’s outreach.

Optimizing a video is about more than creating a suitable title and description. It’s a well-composed, integrated strategy that links your content, data, and viewer engagement. At Chirpin, we understand what it takes to rank your videos competitively and make a memorable impression.


Ranking Videos in Regular Search Results

Optimizing your multimedia content for search engines can have a huge impact on the amount of traffic you receive. When videos appear on the first page of the search engine results page, they have a significantly higher click-through rate than the blatant text options on the same page.

In other words, we know that videos are a fast and simple way to convey the information that we want. If someone has a choice between reading a long essay or watching and listening to a high-quality video, what are they going to choose? The answer is quite obvious and with it, you know how important YouTube SEO Services are for you.

Taking advantage of multiple media channels will help generate more traffic and direct more potential customers to your website. A video is a great tool for engagement, and we can help you rank those videos where they’ll be found by the right audience.


An Experienced Video Marketing Agency who cater to:

YouTube Optimization Services: Our YouTube services run the gamut. We can consult you on your strategy, from video production to the execution of your brand management strategies. We offer everything from channel designs to thumbnail creation. We can also design your info card graphics or simply plan a strategy to use your annotations and links within your videos to make them reach masses. You won’t find a more experienced YouTube video SEO company in Delhi.

Video Promotion on Facebook: If you want to promote a YouTube video on Facebook, you have landed at the right place. We have specialists in Facebook advertising who can locate your target audience with your video. Facebook recently reported that users consume more than 100 million hours on videos per day. What are you waiting for? We will help you avail all the opportunities the digital world has in store for you.

Video Infographic: Take your infographics to another level. We will help you show your amazing statistics and data in an engaging and visual way with a video. These are great viral pieces and work well with social marketing such as Facebook Ads.

Sales Letter Video: A sales letter is a simple way to engage your audience and “sell” them on why they need your product or service. Sales letters can be produced rather quickly and easily by our team of experts because they don’t require a ton of visual content.

Tutorial Video: Tutorial videos help your customers and audience understand what your product is and what it does. These are extremely effective in making your customers expert in using your product and make them loyal to your brand.

Watch Time: Watch Time is a leading factor to rank and grow on YouTube. Our YouTube Services will increase watch time of your videos. If you are getting watch time on your channel, it is a definite indicator of the growth of your video effectiveness.

More Likes: Our YouTube SEO services make your video loved by people around the globe. A large number of likes make your video to trend on YouTube.

Suggested Videos: Suggested videos is when you are watching video on YouTube, a number of videos are suggested by YouTube based on your searches. Interrelated keywords will help your videos to be suggested by YouTube. Our YouTube SEO services will help you in doing this.

More Subscribers: Our YouTube SEO optimization will help your YouTube channel to increase your subscribers. Subscribers mean regular visitors of your videos. Make your videos content to be loved.

Get Earnings: There are many ways to promote your videos on YouTube. But YouTube SEO is one of the best amongst them. If you want to earn money from your YouTube videos, it is important that all your videos should be well optimized for YouTube search engine.

Unlock Searching: YouTube Search Engine is the second largest search engine after Google. We will help you unlock searching for your videos with perfect SEO optimization. We are master for YouTube SEO and we will help your videos to be searched in YouTube search engine at the top.

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Chirpin can – and will – help you build your base, bring in new viewers, and increase your overall viewership and subscribers with judicious YouTube marketing. When people find your content at the top, they get a concentrated dose of information about you. Your success with YouTube content depends on finding them amongst the crowd. We want your business to be a success, whether you’re a new launch or an established company looking for a little help in the Digital Age, Chirpin is the right place for you.