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The buying behavior of online customers is mostly based on perceptions rather than hard facts. In the virtual world, a single content which is malicious in nature or negative report can go viral and it becomes true in the eyes of those who are looking at a business entity.


Reasons to Hire Virtual Social Media

  • Our vast experience in handling online reputation management (ORM) for individuals, small and large businesses, corporate and government accounts in various countries gives a cutting edge.
  • Privacy and confidentiality are strictly maintained for all accounts and is of utmost priority.
  • In-house native writers, researchers, translators, public relations specialist, video videographers artists, cartoonists, voice over specialists, ethical hackers, bloggers, search and social media experts, news reporters, viral marketers, data analysts, influencers outreach specialists and customized end-to-end 24/7 keyword monitoring highly specialized team.
  • Quick turnaround of actions and results with complete benchmark data to control crisis
  • There are many ways you can deal with your brand’s reputation in search engines and many techniques you can choose to use. Which ones work best for you depends on your market, your brand, the kind of competition you face and your resources.

Three Ways ORM Agencies Combat Negative Search Results


Organic methods include Reverse SEO that is spread positive opinions, social media optimization, and public relations. It’s basically all the things you can do to change negative content/opinions or rankings in unpaid ways.


Paid solutions include everything you choose to pay for and have adequate financial resources to support, including buying offending websites and closing them down, “bribing” site editors, or using search engine advertising such as Google AdWords.


This includes legal actions against publishers or authors who are spreading negative content, or filing of DMCA complaints, etc. Basically all the things your lawyer can help you with in discouraging negative rankings.

How can Chirpin help you?

At Chirpin, our personal services work to protect and defend your online identity from attack, as well as to ensure you enjoy the long-term benefits and potential of a positive online image. From fast information removal services to complete Online Reputation Management solutions to our cutting edge Privacy Guard technology, we enable you with everything you need to achieve a safe, secure and beneficial online space even in future. Chirpin offers a myriad of fast and effective removal services, including court records removals, gossip and revenge site removals and more.

We strive to eliminate the harm of negative online items and to restore your positive online reputation, as quickly as possible. At Chirpin, we understand how important it is to be your best online, which why we provide the best in Online Reputation Management solutions in Delhi. If your online image is being affected or tarnished by negative online information, we take steps to eliminate the threat while cleaning up your online space, ensuring a search of your name reaps the best positive results possible.

Most reputation management companies rely on software, spawning robotic content for their clients until something sticks. But in today’s world, it takes a human touch to make a reputation campaign effective. Between sentiment analysis, net promoter scores, search engine promotion, star-ratings and industry-specialty influencer marketing, we’re the best when it comes to putting in the work to secure your reputation, and our reputation management process has evolved over more than ten years. 

Chirpin is an ethical online reputation management services firm in Delhi that provides helpful content, tools, and expert consulting services to help brands look better online. We repair reputation, build reputation, and improve online reviews. One of our greatest strengths lies in our ability to craft effective and feasible strategies for any situation. Each campaign we execute is built from scratch over a decade and incorporated the experience of hundreds of scenarios. This enables us to develop winning game plans that have been proven to stand the test of time every single time.

When good news withers away from the spotlight while looking at search results for your brand, we can help. SEO programs identify viable content for search promotion, perform influencer outreach, off-page SEO, and more to cause positive information to move up in search has a mission to help people and companies improve and protect their reputations online and keep away from negative publicity. We aim to deliver an end-to-end service process transparently, efficiently and cost-effectively. We build authentic, convincing and high-quality reputations using top quality assets and tools. We are a premium service that is targeted to cater to premium clients and businesses where online reputation is important.

Ours is a Delhi based digital public relations company that offers software and managed services to help people and businesses improve their reputations on search engines, social media and review sites. While other marketing firms focus on providing clients with just one or two services, we believe it’s a combination of services that complement each other that will deliver the best results to our clients. Our software offers full-featured online reputation protection and management features, helping clients to track, measure and improve their Google search results periodically. Chirpin is supported by the expertise and knowledge of leading professionals who are experts in their field.

In today’s digital-centered world, digital reputation management has become an integral part of delivering comprehensive, industry-leading PR services for your clients. Chirpin provides the software you need to give your clients the expertise to monitor and take control of their online reputations. Chirpin software can be quickly and easily white-labelled and molded to fit your brand. It is backed by a team of online reputation experts and is supported by customer-focused, 24/7 support.


Monitor Google Results:- Chirpin software tracks search results from an unbiased and objective point of view and in your choice of geographic location. This is a reputation scorecard and is used to measure success based on the reputational response. It can be used reactively to address a crisis and control damage or proactively to make sure one doesn’t happen.

Media Monitoring:- Chirpin can track mentions or searches of a name across more than 10 million news sources and websites. Through this reactive approach, Chirpin can pinpoint negative criticism in real time as it happens and not allow it to linger unaddressed and undetected.

Expertise:- Dealing with a damaged reputation is devastating on both a personal and business level. When a crisis strikes, you can feel confident knowing Chirpin is backed by service providers who can assist with navigating the confusing and intimidating digital universe and provide a solution to control the damage.

White Labeled Reputation Management Services:- Chirpin offers preferred pricing platter to white labelled a-la-carte online reputation management services. Under its umbrella it includes services like

  • Guaranteed Removals
  • Suppression
  • Reviews Management of reputation

Experience and Expertise:- We are very well versed with all the components and nitty gritty of the digital component of the public relations business. Combined with your domain knowledge and connections you will be unstoppable

24/7 Software Support:- Chirpin is supported by a full-time team of software developers, account executives and reputation management experts who are committed to making sure you get the most out of our software

What is Online Reputation Management?

The buying behaviour of online customers is mostly based on perceptions rather than hard facts. In the virtual world, a single content which is malicious in nature or negative report can go viral and it becomes true in the eyes of those who are looking at a business entity. Online reputation management in the virtual world needs a different skill set because what is being said about you online is what it makes the brand to sell to the online audience. ORM strategy highlights the positive image of your brand to your existing and potential customers and makes sure that your private information is kept confidential and also by correcting outdated or irrelevant, misleading or false information about your company and establish the image of your company in the virtual world and help control that reputation.

Successful implementation of online reputation management strategies is an important and necessary business tool for every small and large business houses. These businesses, across the world, are increasingly seeking the services of professional ORM companies that specialize in tidying up search engine results.

Online Reputation Management (often called ORM) has been out there for over a decade. There have been traces of its existence on several e-commerce community-based sites like E-bay since a long time ago. In 2007, a study by the Berkeley found that some sellers were undertaking reputation management on eBay by selling products at a discounted price in exchange for positive feedback. This was a clever attempt to game the system. Since then, the practice of managing reputation has gone mainstream. A myriad of service providers has started offering everything from social media monitoring to social profile management for both individuals and companies.

The rise of ORM emphasizes both the growing importance of so-called user-generated content and the anxiety of businesses about their vulnerability to unregulated free speech on the Internet. The body of expertise and literature is growing steeply in the general field of ORM and is now a common topic covered in most digital marketing classes. A course on Social Media would not be complete today without at least cursive and a broad review of the principals involved in ORM; everything from monitoring the online conversations to influencing the said conversations. Reputation Marketing evolved from the amalgamation of the fields of online reputation management and brand marketing. To understand the significance of search engine reputation management we need to look at the why and how reputation marketing is emerging as an integral part of today’s corporate.

Many executives fail to understand the relationship between below par online reputation and their company’s long-term revenues. This is often less of a problem with E-commerce companies because they can measure the impact of click ratio from search engines and their E-commerce conversion rate across the problematic keywords which again they are monitoring.

Succeeding as a new business is all about creating brand awareness and establishing your company (or yourself and firm executives) as the best possible option out there in the market.  By starting a business, you are making a claim to the world that you have something distinctive and special to offer. Your biggest challenge is proving that claim to the world in a short span of time. Having a person put their reputation on the line to provide you as a personal recommendation says a lot, imagine how much trust is created when a whole company or organization puts their faith in you and the brand you carry.

Social networks, blogs, forums and review sites like Yelp and are today the accepted and quick methods of judging and promoting corporate brands, personal reputations, products, services and ideas to the general online public in an instant. These platforms are now the predominant media that is used to communicate messages, thoughts and opinions. However, not all messages, thoughts, opinions, and reviews are positive and encouraging. They can very well turn into negative online assaults that can damage and negatively affect current partnerships, future business sales, business perception, business brand name, as well as friendships and family unity. The good news is that your online reputation can be fixed and managed. Our proprietary reputation management methodology has helped to repair and fix many a reputation, business, and personal partnerships over the years.

Why do we need Online Reputation Management Services?

Your online image is more important than it has been ever before. Your ability and chances to get a job, get accepted into college, maintain a relationship or protect your career hinges primarily on the quality of your online reputation. ORME did not exist a decade ago, it is really a product of the Web 2.0 revolution as we all know or more specifically, the rise of user-generated content sites.

The proliferation of sites that help the customer spread a negative message about a brand is what made companies vulnerable and cautious. Suddenly, consumer interactions were not just open to see for everyone, but also recorded and logged for there to see FOREVER! No matter what business you are in, people can tweet about you and share negative opinions about your brand on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. When these things become prominent and gain attention, you call an expert. Online reputation management is not just about engaging with what people say about your brand, or your products and services, it’s also the process behind the intervention and correcting the brand image.

The key to online reputation management is how you build and maintain it. The best way is building it from the ground up. ORM starts with monitoring your public reputation on a regular basis and is the foundation of digital public relations. This means you have to know exactly what people will be talking about you and what they will search for. This is where relevant tools like Radian 6 come into play. There are a host of solutions and tools we use for social media motoring and crawling the web.

The ROI of Online Reputation Management

Nearly all small and big businesses and individuals can benefit from actively managing their search reputation. However, not everyone can have enough money to invest in this endeavor. This investment will be in terms of both time and money. This will directly impact the finances; therefore it requires some careful ROI consideration. Since not everyone has the same revenues at stake, the amount of money that one can potentially lose must be a part of this equation. So here it is important to breakdown and identifies loss in terms of primary order effect and second-order effect.

Primary order effect is the loss that is incurred immediately after the search reputation problem. If you’re a dentist who shot a lion called Cecile, you will most probably be out of your practice for a few months. But when you announce to the world that you are going back, despite the backlash, your world will not be the same. Your loyal customers will come back, of course, but you will certainly experience a steep drop in your “new business”. This immediate drop in business is most acute in the weeks and months following the blow-up. The drop in business has been as high as 50% for some clients serviced by us and others in the ORM industry. Hopefully, and in most cases, the ratio will drop as things start to cool down. This is because people need new things to get agitated about. It’s also because people have a small attention span. Thus eventually their focus will change and they will forget. This directly defeats the whole purpose of reputation management to commit crimes to reach your goals. In order to reach your reputation management goals, you will most probably have to apply both organic and paid strategies a bit more aggressively than you are used to during your normal search engine marketing activities. That’s perfectly fine, as long as what you do is not against the law and doesn’t hurt innocent bystanders. Committing crimes or hurting innocent people is not only ethically questionable but can also easily backfire and result in one’s downfall. You need to understand the declining drops in conversions over a period of time also get accounted for under the cost umbrella.

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