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Chirpin’s Digital Marketing Experts will manage your campaign from start to finish including defining objectives, researching keywords, account setup, create and integrate landing pages for conversions, and measuring results. We help you analyze the results and fine-tune the strategy as needed.


Pay Per Click Marketing

Paid Search (aka Pay Per Click Search or PPC) is the concept of placing paid advertisements into search results of major search engines or social media websites (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.). This Pay Per Click advertising medium allows businesses to place sponsored placement of their ads amongst the search results while being charged a fee for each click on the ad by a visitor.

While it is called many things, (SEM, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search, PPC) Pay Per Click Services Advertising is one thing for sure – a great way to get in touch with potential customers who may otherwise not have been able to find you. No matter the nature of your industry or the size of your firm,the goal is to drive those decision-makers to your website and help you convert them into customers through PPC. Pay per click advertising interacts with the customers already using search engines like Google and Bing to find information, products, and services related to your industry by the algorithm of putting your ads in front of them. PPC ads come in a few varieties, Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the most common amongst them. Unlike printed ads, pay per click advertising can be precisely targeted and tracked. This means more leads and an opportunity to increase sales through increased traffic and conversion rate.

Under any system, the role of PPC management experts is to design, develop, implement, and manage your accounts of Google AdWords, Bing AdCenter, Facebook and LinkedIn PPC campaigns. Each client ideally has a dedicated PPC manager managing their PPC campaign account, who will monitor the effectiveness of their client’s campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad copy to ensure that their optimization techniques are having a positive effect on the account.

In addition to this, performance data from paid search campaigns acts as a source of valuable marketing insight for the firm. It can help you conduct a detailed analysis of paid search campaigns which can even reveal insights about your best customers, like age, interests, and geographic location. It is because of these reasons that pay per click advertising can be a valuable part of a lead generation or direct response marketing strategy for your company.

Google searches suggest that 15% of the searches that occur on a daily basis are completely unique? Did this ever occur to you that this means that each of the 10 different people looking for the same product could be searching for it using different keyword variations? With Pay per Click advertising, the firm has the flexibility to target a larger number of keyword variations while ensuing to a set budget, so that you can be on top of those unique searches that others may not be targeting! It can also help you stay ahead of the competition by giving you the first mover advantage of evolving with the latest search trends like optimizing ads for voice search phrases that can enhance your consumer reach to users (which will result in increased traffic) who are using mobile voice assistance or smart speakers such as a Google Home or Amazon Echo.

The whole effectiveness of PPC advertising is extremely dependent on the fact that how well and appropriately you select your keywords to target potential customers. An experienced and a result driven team of Google AdWords will collaboratively work with you to determine the targeted keywords(which is best suited in tandem your SEO model) in order to ensure that the relevant and correct traffic is coming to your website.

Our Pay Per Click Core Services Include:

Video Advertising

Video advertising encompasses online display advertisements that have video within them, but it is generally accepted that it refers to advertising that occurs before, during and/or after a video stream on the internet.

PPC Remarketing

Understanding where your users are coming from and where they frequent is the key to a successful retargeting campaign. While it is impossible to have a definitive answer for each visitor, our approach to retargeting involves obtaining an understanding of how your audience browses and target relevant ad channels.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a type of online advertising that comes in several forms, including banner ads, rich media and more. Unlike text-based ads, display advertising relies on elements such as images, audio and video to communicate an advertising message.

Social Advertising

If you’re struggling with your rankings on top search engines, here’s what you should do to maximize online traffic. Optimizing the marketing and advertising strategy of any product or services via social media platform will turn on tables for your drooping businesses for sure, at Chirpin.

PPC Marketing

Benefits of Pay per Click

Pay per click services is the ideal way to guarantee that your business will always show up for certain keyword terms on top of the search list. A well-developed PPC campaign ensuresthat by bidding on specific search terms your business will rank on some of the most competitive keywords for your industry for maximum lead generation.

  • Speed-to-Market :-It is the fastest way to guarantee that your business will show up on using highly competitive search terms and come on top of the users search string.
  • Website Traffic :-PPC leads to more qualified traffic to your site by allowing marketers to target audiences for specific search terms.
  • Maximum ROI :-PPC campaigns are a cost-efficient investment that allows you to pay only when someone clicks your business’s advertisement.
  • AdWords Optimization & Management:- Google being today’s leading search engine, PPC management team should specialize in Google AdWords in order to maximize profits. With Google AdWords, your business’ ads can appear on the front page, across the web, on YouTube, or appear as images or video ads of Google search results.

  • CPA Optimization & Management:- PPC management team uses the Cost per acquisition (CPA) algorithmto delegate at what point, your business actually pays for an ad. You have to pay an agreed amount upon an actionable/ profitable event such as a lead, conversion, or sale. The model is very effective because you have to pay only when the purpose is met. Hence it ensures that your investment does not drown and that you get the maximum yield.
  • Retargeting:- Retargeting, also called remarketing, is used to present highly relevant and targeted ads based on a user’s browser history and cookies. It uses information taken from to display ads that cater to their previous purchases or search history. A cookie is placed in their browser (if a user has previously visited your site) that identifies them as a visitor. Your ads will thus appear more frequently as they search the web in the hope that they will revisit your site.
  • A/B Testing:- A/B testing is a technique which helps the marketers to determine if changing one variable of an ad will improve or harm an ad’s performance and to take corrective measures accordingly. PPC teams, can change one variable at a time and then compare the click through rates of the new ad to the existing ad. It is thus an important step in every PPC campaign to determine what works and what could be improved upon.
  • PPC Advertising Agency for eCommerce:- It is extremely important to have a steady source of users in order to sustain your business. Especially, if products or services are directly sold on your site, then it becomes all the more important. SEO is a vital tool for an eCommerce site. For many businesses it’s difficult and costly to maintain competitive rankings on every keyword. Chirpin can help your business fill in the gaps of your SEO strategy as well as expand into new niches and product lines. Our intrinsic goal is to help you produce cost-effective campaigns with positive returns.
  • PPC contributes to the Goals of your Business:- It becomes easier to achieve marketing goals using PPC. PPC is credible enough for you to be able to count on it for any type of conversion goal that can be tracked by the systems. It is a powerful tool that aligns website traffic to end-goals to increase conversion. In today's era of content marketing, a PPC marketing company can help in nurturing and serving the sales ensuring advertising the correct material. PPC supports the path your prospects may want to take, right from awareness to getting converted to a customer. Regardless of the identified goals, campaigns of PPC ensure that the management services are provided in the most efficient manner

Why should you trust Chirpin

as your go-to service provider?

Chirpin’s digital marketing experts will manage your campaign from start to finish including defining objectives, researching keywords, account setup, create and integrate landing pages for conversions, and measuring results. We help you analyze the results and fine-tune the strategy as needed. Our mission is to connect your company with potential customers and for this our first step is to make sure that your brand is in the right place at the right time, in front of the right people to get the right coverage it deserves. Whether it’s through display ads, social media ads, retargeting, or pay per click, we have the knowledge, skills, and the experience to get your brand noticed online.

We are proud to say that we are adept in creating innovative and interactive websites that focus on promoting your brand while staying on top of the latest technology trends. Our fully customized websites are unique and tailor made to suit the needs of every individual client. Visibility and consistency are the two most absolutely crucial factors to be considered while reaching your target audience. Hence, we make sure that your ads are reaching your customers no matter where they go online. We are a provider of Pay per click services in Delhi and craft intuitive digital solutions for end-users. Our team of experienced members leverage development processes, designs, and software technologies which best suit your problem, while delivering solutions that delight our clientele. We have a long term vision where we have to offer client satisfaction via our services, with utmost integrity, generating trustworthy relationships with our clients.

We see it as our mission to build high quality software solutions under comprehensive pricing that add business value while improving the business processes for clientele. We augment their every business need, with our functional and technical skills to offer our proven delivery model as an advance start to minimize the risks and lessen the time and cost of development. Chirpin provides the best Pay Per Click management services for your business. We believe that money spent on PPC campaigns and Return on Investment generated from it,go hand in hand. If it is to increase your sales or just to improve your online presence, we ensure that we deliver the best results and target the required traffic which matches your marketing goals.

We focus on the multiple aspects to ensure the best results for you:

Research:- Research is supposed to be one of the core processes for any PPC campaign we drive for our clients to gain the traction their website needs. To ensure best results we run through hundreds of keywords and select the best appropriate keyword that matches the requirement of higher search volume, targeted traffic and budget as well. We also run a competitive analysis wherein we go through the competition for each website and analyze what others are doing effectively to get more business through paid advertising.

Strategy:- Our strategy is to process every PPC campaign by learning about the industry, different advertising objectives and competition. Basis this we conclude that on what factors do we want to drive each campaign to its unique selling point. Our aim is to strategize the most appropriate PPC campaign based on the budget you suggest for your website.

Reporting:- We monitor your campaign on regular basis or after specific run times or in regulated periods. We strive to get best results for each penny that you spend on your advertising efforts and give you the highest yields and returns to reduce cost and improve ROI. We provide detailed reports mentioning your Cost Per Click (CPC) amount that we bid (basis a series of analytical procedures) for your keywords to run campaigns and Click Through Ratio (CTR) showing how many times the ad is shown compare to getting clicked and then makes the required analysis.

PPC marketing is a practical and target-driven process that plays an extremely important and constructive role for any organization gaining business online. As a leading provider of pay per click services in Delhi, we believe in learnings provided through deep research process and analysis of data, for the maintenance and improvement of the overall campaign. Our PPC campaign management process is unique than those of others as before setting any goal or running though bidding for keywords; we also give special importance to demographic and geographic database research to consider the final keywords for the advert which will help us in achieving your desired goals. Our E-Mail Marketing campaigns are thusbased on interesting combinations of savvy marketing techniques and creative design integration for creating successful campaigns. This helps us to save a lot of your time and money by proving cost effective campaign strategy that not only suits your brand but also appeals to the customers for your product or service.

Some of the core dimensions of our work culture are:

  • We ensure that our quality does not get compromised in pursuit of quantity.
  • We never allow design to dictate technology.
  • In our products, no matter the size or the industry of the firm, we put equal efforts for every firm’s success.
  • We focus on timely delivery and commit to solve all your critical problems whether they are technical, design related or based on a timeline- you just name it.

Our team loves this work and we are super excited about being the solution to your needs and answer to all your problems. Our company founders, have built a diverse, flexible organization that is uniquely qualified to lead your business to a solid Internet marketing success. Each of the specialized teams within Chirpin contributes its own unique expert talent base and its mix of powerful skills making us successful in what we wish to bring to our clients.

From the very beginning, our company has been focused with the goal of helping companies grow into successful businesses through online marketing. It is because of these reasons that we look beyond the official metrics and make sure that in our approach we are delivering the right quality of leads that are in tandem to our clients’ businesses versus reporting on numbers only. Our prime focus is to integrate your brand story into the product – we buy on the basis of emotional connection. Yes, even in B2B and with large budgets and long sales cycle, the idea is to rationalize it with facts comes later. Our decisions always come from a personal connection.

As a B2B marketer our responsibility is to understand the company’s sales based marketing efforts, with specific online marketing programs that will help them reach potential buyers a tall stages of the buy cycle and get the maximum conversions, particularly the early stages where suppliers must be visible to their target customers. We promise to maintain an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards. Our work processes, its decisions and actions are guided by our core value which is a combination of Honesty, Innovation, Integrity and Respect. It is our customer focus and our ability to deliver results that are manifested unambiguously in all our dealings.

We assist our clients by helping them to successfully outsource their non-core business processes and functions in the areas of technology and digital marketing to gain the required results. Chirpin has been providing pay per click services in India clients miles away, maturing into a core dependable extension of a client’s internal team.

Chirpin has extensive experience in providing outsourcing non-core business processes – IT functions (software development, product development, SharePoint consulting and development, mobile app development, software testing, managed IT services), Interactive features like web design and development, game development, Internet Marketing services such as search engine optimization, paid search, display and social media marketing services, providing the set up for Built Operate Transfer (BOT), specialized R&D facilities, and non-IT functions (data entry, research, customer support, finance).

Our process starts with learning about client’s objectives and success criteria’s for the PPC campaign. Key success is measured on multiple indicators with the help of our web analytics experts, tracking and real time reporting. On the basis of this data, we are able to assist our clients in making decisions on how to allocate their marketing budget. We also help analyze how the market is fairing and how to get the highest return of investment (ROI).

Our primary responsibilities include, improving quality score, investigating new opportunities, assessing the account performance, and many more, but we are not limited to these. All of these optimization techniques generate qualified and measurable leads/sales through paid search, right down to the conversion metrics.

The installation of our in-depth analytics tracking that is included in our set-up process allows us to monitor and adjust your program based on the data we see, while also reporting and providing you a detailed analysis on your progress and checking things on your end. What makes this unique is that we can do this all on a real time basis. We know that marketing isn’t the end all be all, so when we get feedback on the quality of leads into the business, we can then fine-tune the program even further. Basis the client and the type of campaign involved, PPC can be extremely effective to get your business above your competitors and get the maximum viewership.

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