How To Create Effective SEO Strategy In 2023


SEO is a very known term nowadays in the field of online business, services and others. Every company is adopting SEO practices to bring out the best of their sides to the users and make themselves more user friendly. The competition is to make the website easily accessible, easily operable and more relevant than others. This leads to the improved ranking on the search engine. To be one of the first two or three websites on search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube and others, the quality of the content needs to be high.

This article will introduce you to the terms like SEO, SEO Marketing Strategy, On-page SEO strategy, Off-page SEO strategy and Local SEO strategy. It will also talk about in detail about the effective practices in SEO strategy for higher ranking in Search Engines.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. To define this term in an easy language, SEO is a set of practices or techniques that website owners use to increase the organic traffic on their pages and achieve a successful ranking on the search list page. The core idea of their practices is to make the website more user friendly, relevant to their searches and of high quality. Therefore, SEO is the technique we use to raise the ranking of our websites in search engines. Search Engines index the contents in the websites, follow the algorithm and generate a ranking list. So whenever someone searches for something, they type certain keywords or phrases. Search Engine shows the most relevant and high quality content at the very top which in turn gains the highest traffic as compared to the websites that are ranked low. For this, methods like SEO strategy, local SEO strategy and SEO marketing strategy is necessary as it helps in outlining the roadmap towards a better result rather than splashing in the sea.

There are different types of SEO. Among them, the major three are

  • On-page SEO – Whatever is present on the page of the websites comes under ON-page SEO. On-page SEO strategy is mainly concerned with optimizing the content of the website for the better quality.
  • Off-page SEO – Anything related to the business outside the website is the Off-page SEO. Backlinking, Social Media Marketing, Blog posts and many such things fall under this category. Off-page SEO strategy deals with the optimization of the contents and things outside the website.
  • Technical SEO – This category deals with the technical aspects of the website. The core idea behind it is to allow Search Engine’s webs bot to navigate and index the website page. Only then it will be able to identify the website and rank it accordingly.

Other things than SEO are SEM and PPC. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and PPC stands for Pay Per Click. These are different from SEO as it is paid and the traffic is also available for a limited time period. But with the correct SEO Marketing strategy including both On-page SEO strategy and Off-page SEO strategy, one can achieve organic results.

What is an SEO Strategy?

In this century, when the world is a global village, it is easy for customers to access their market and shops. The gap of time and distance is covered. Today, even for groceries, people tend to search the items on the Search Engines. The idea is to draw your attention to the very much existing daily life habit of the users. For most of the things, people tend to type keywords on Search Engines and expect to get the most accurate answer. Thus, in such a scenario, it becomes tremendously crucial to have a SEO Marketing Strategy. For both On-page SEO strategy and Off-page SEO strategy, it is vastly suggested that one should have a thorough knowledge of its existence as well. Even for Local businesses, Local SEO strategy is needed to extend the reach.

SEO strategy is planning and executing the designed plan to get the desirable result. A team brainstorms together to create a clear cut path of the actions that needs to be taken. The goal of all these planning is to get the website rank higher than other website pages. SEO Marketing strategy deals with the marketing of the website to make its visibility and credibility more relevant on the search engine result pages. Therefore the final aim of all the planning and plotting is the growth in the organic traffic on the website page. The process of this planning and design is called SEO strategy. To improve the ranking on the search result page, On-page SEO strategy and Off-page SEO strategy is organized differently for an effective result in the long run.

When it comes to the tools like SEM and PPC, the traffic that is received on the website is synthetic. The issue with this type of ranking is that it lacks the research of user behavior and is not designed as a user friendly website. This occurs due to the lack of study and understanding. SEM and PPC are very beneficial for an instant boost mostly for any particular period of time. The website will rank till the time the paid plan is active. It also is mentioned in the search engine result page that a certain website is an Ad. With SEO marketing strategy, the boost becomes more significant and useful. Thus SEO strategy can be stable and beneficial towards a better result.

What are the benefits of SEO Marketing Strategy?

SEO Marketing Strategy is a crucial part in SEO. Take a look at some of the benefits it provides.

  • Increase in Organic Traffic – Organic traffic is the most essential of any business website. To ensure the flow of organic traffic on the website, On-page SEO strategy with the Off-page SEO strategy is necessarily planned out to bring desirable results. It also helps in making the content of the website user friendly and relevant. The quality of the content and density of suitable keywords enhance the quality.
  • Stability and well-established – Another side of SEO strategy is the fact that it takes time. But instant success is never long lasting. That is why even though SEO Marketing Strategy is comparatively a slow process, it develops a strong base for the website, indexing, ranking, high quality content and relevance. Thus, it is very stable and establishes a strong foot in the search engine result page.
  • Identify User behavior – SEO Marketing strategy will only work when there is a thorough research of modified user behavior. Thus, SEO strategy not only requires that information but also helps in identifying it. A well planned process can give significant detail and data about the changes and expectations from the users. It further helps in modifying the website accordingly.
  • Higher Conversion Rate – Since SEO targets the organic audience, thus the whole process becomes absolutely genuine. If there is a good number of organic traffic on the website then it proves the credibility of the website. The ranking is good and the visibility is also perfect. This also proves the quality of content. It is relevant and keywords are used efficiently. This result of SEO strategy further increases the conversion rate as the audience is organic.
  • Local Visibility – Any business can only try to extend its branches in other cities and countries when it has a strong base locally. Local SEO strategy is the process of planning which allows a good flow of local customers. Thus, it brings the customers physically close to the business. This increases the chance of listing in local searches which gives a stable sense of satisfaction and helps to grow more.
  • Cost effective – SEO Marketing strategy is cost effective as compared to others. SEO strategy is a more affordable form of marketing than more established media like print or TV commercials. It creates reliable organic customers which can be only achieved with a proper Local SEO strategy and On-page/Off-page SEO strategy. Once your website achieves high rankings for specific keywords, you can keep getting organic visitors without having to keep spending money on advertising.

Difference between Local SEO Strategy and General SEO Strategy

SEO is an imperative tool for any website. Especially when it comes to discrete business types, SEO plays a crucial role to bring profit to the organization. For certain businesses or websites, SEO can be planned accordingly which means, not a single set of practices work for all because of different focus and goals to achieve. This means that SEO Marketing Strategy has to be modified depending upon the need. This brings the idea of Local SEO. Local SEO and general SEO have similar interests and practices yet it differs at some levels. This difference is to be identified for a better result rather than following the general plan. That is why Local SEO strategy is different from general SEO strategy.

  • Target Audience – The major difference is the crowd that needs to be targeted. Local SEO strategy focuses upon the potential customers at a particular location. In this kind of SEO, the geographical location matters as the traffic is not only on the website but physical traffic is also needed. On the other hand, general SEO strategy has their target audience worldwide and their focus is to bring all the traffic on their website as they operate online.
  • Google My Business GMB – For Local SEO strategy, boosting the GMB is a crucial part. It can also come under the Off-page SEO strategy as it mostly focuses upon Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Blog posts. SEO strategy does not profit from GMB at a major level. The optimization of the website is done by On-page SEO strategy which includes backlinking, updating the content, using tags and citations.
  • Accurate use of Keywords – In the Local SEO strategy, the center of attention regarding the use of keywords is one the geographical location. For example, “best SEO service agency in Delhi”, “cheap gifts shops in Bhopal”, “restaurants near me”. SEO strategy has a set of keywords that are there to bring the experience of users to a high level. It is not limited to any neighborhood or city or locality. The service or products are operated online that is why the keywords are not about location but to bring organic traffic on the website.

How to create an effective SEO strategy?

From the above information, it should be clear that the design of the action plan to increase the organic traffic on the website is important. The use of SEO Marketing Strategy assists in drawing a roadmap for the future goals and also keeps a track of it. Since the necessity of SEO strategy is clear, the question arises, how to build a significant plan for it? Here are some steps which can be helpful in creating an effective SEO strategy.

  • Jot down the goals of the strategy – The very first step for anything is to make a list of the things that need to be achieved. At the end of the day, what matters is the goal. The only thing that counts is whether the goal was achieved or not. Depending upon the kind of website, the primary aims should be clear. For example, for a local cafe, foot traffic is needed while for online service providers, traffic and conversion is their focus.
  • Analysis of the market and competitors – The market is filled with numerous websites. Even in one particular domain, there will be so many websites but not all can rank. Before jumping into SEO and search engines, a complete and thorough analysis of already existing websites, businesses and pages should be available for determining the next step. A detailed study of the competitors behavior will give a lot of information about their strengths and weaknesses. This also helps in identifying the loopholes in the market and the opportunities that you can grab.
  • Keywords in the contents of the website – Keywords are like the building blocks of a website. SEO strategy list cannot be completed without this point. Either for Local SEO or general SEO, keywords determine the quality of the content, the target audience, potential customers and ranking on the search engine. In search engine result list, keywords are the one that plays the role. The density of keywords also matters. Thus, it is a tool that needs to be used with smartness.
  • Focus on important pages – In the SEO strategy, smart work plays a huge role. A website consists of many pages and not all pages are seen by the users. It becomes extremely useful when the pages on the websites that are relevant and shows the true strength of the website are highlighted. Thus, engaging content on these pages will bring in front the unique or relevant part of the website.
  • On-page SEO strategy – On-page SEO refers to all the contents on the website. Google only identifies words. Therefore, the written content on any part of your website is very significant for your ranking on the search engine. From tags, URLs to meta descriptions, everything that is written will help your website to take many steps further from the competitors. Thus, a well structured website page with good backlinks will add more value to the users and SEO strategy goals.
  • Off-page SEO strategy – Off-page SEO strategy includes everything that happens outside the website. It doesn’t change any part of the website pages; rather, it takes help of Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Blogs and other external tools to increase the traffic on the website. This also helps in the visibility, promotion and creating a strong credibility of the website. SEO strategy can benefit a lot from optimization of Off-page SEO.
  • Link Building – Practices like reaching out to other relevant websites, creating guest posts, making contents that can be shared, can be helpful in link building in an organic manner. One of the parts of SEO strategy is backlinking. It helps in creating a confidence in the minds of users when they find high quality websites that are linked with your website. Thus the credibility of the website increases which further builds a solid foundation of user trust.
  • Modifying UX, User experience – All things come down to the aim of making the website user friendly. When users type keywords, they expect to get the most relevant and helpful results. Therefore, the contents of the website should be relevant. It is crucial to have easy navigation through the pages of websites and most importantly it should be mobile friendly. The bottom line is that the experience of the user should be hassle free.
  • Documentation of progress – Once the SEO Marketing Strategy is implemented, one cannot just leave it to be. Keeping a track of the results is important for a stable flow of traffic. There are always new versions and updates on the search engines. It is good to document the progress and also notice the algorithm, updates or any new information regarding SEO. User behavior also keeps changing which needs to be identified on time.
  • Patience – At the end, SEO is a time taking process. It can take longer than SEM and PPC to show desirable results. But unlike SEM and PPC, SEO brings organic traffic and is much more stable once it starts showing a positive result. It also helps in understanding the needs of users which in turn helps in creating a more relevant content for your website. Thus, SEO strategy can be a little elaborate which requires patience. Once it hits the correct point, SEO will help the website to grow naturally and bring in more traffic with improved results.


There are several significant steps and factors to take into account while developing an SEO strategy. As mentioned, SEO Marketing Strategy is highly dependent upon the nature of the website and its aims which differ. Therefore there is no rigid set of rules. Most appropriately if kept, SEO strategy consists of strong basic practices which should be modified as per the requirement and nature of the market at present. The application of these basic practices can be efficiently done and get the best results when there is good research behind it. Thus, as mentioned earlier, before noting down the SEO Marketing Strategy, a thorough research is needed. Next important practice is analysis of the competitors in the market. This helps in finding the golden chance which might click for your website. Another point of SEO strategy is patience. Keep in mind that SEO is a continuous process, and success needs an in-depth plan that takes both technical elements and user experience into consideration. To remain competitive in the ever changing world of SEO, regularly review your plan, adjust to changes, and continually improve your approach. Thus, these three act as solid pillars of other SEO strategy practices. Once all the three, research, analysis and patience is mastered half of your job is done.

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